AS we head into March the weather here in Mallorca has been much chillier and wetter than the norm.

As I write with the log fire on, there is snow falling on the mountains and the forecast is looking rather gloomy.  A long stretch of cold and rain (not to mention snow) is definitely not what we’re used to, and although that’s what it’s been like for the last few days, we can’t really complain – the reservoirs have been topped up nicely, and when the sun does come out (like last weekend) it can reach up to 18-20 degrees, which many in Britain would be very happy with in the midst of summer!   

As to property – I am delighted to report this year continues to be super busy for me, which has been pretty unusual for January/ February compared to most years.  

So although rumour has it that British and German residents are selling up in droves, there continues to be a big enough flow of eager buyers to take their place.

I am fortunate to have had a few big spenders recently looking for both luxury apartments and villas.

On the apartment front, believe it or not it has been super difficult to find a decent 3–4 bed apartment with a great sea view between Palma and Portals, even with a budget of €3-4 million! So yes, we are seeing the times once again where it has become a seller’s market with a shortage of stock at the premium end!  

I am often asked if Brexit has affected the property market in Mallorca.  Having represented Savills for over 8 years my clients are predominantly British, so I am pleased to report that certainly at the higher end Brexit and the rate of exchange does not appear to have hit the British market. In fact many wealthy buyers are looking to spread their investment, and with property in Mallorca having a long history of stability, property represents a good stable long term haven.

Looking out the window at the grey and the drizzle, unlike many locations I know it won’t last long before I see the sun, and I continue to count my blessings for living in one of the best places in the World!  And if you happen to be trying to sell your sea view apartment or villa please do contact me …….. I have a couple of hot buyers!



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