SPANISH police have warned of an increase in jewellery thefts using an age old hugging trick. 

Guardia Civil in Torrevieja posted a warning on Facebook of criminals who approach you on the street saying how you look identical to one of their relatives.

#Alerta ¿Vas por la calle paseando y de repente un/a desconocido/a se muestra supercariñoso contigo y te da un #Abrazo…

Geplaatst door Cuartel Guardia Civil de Torrevieja op dinsdag 11 april 2017


They will then give you a hug while removing your jewellery without you noticing.

“You are walking down the street and suddenly a stranger is super friendly with you and gives you a#hug,” reads the warning.

“Either because they ask you to help them find somewhere, or because they say that you look just like someone they know!

“Mistrust and Don’t Fall For It!

“They are delinquents who intend to steal your jewellery by means of the well-known hug method.

“If it happens to you, do not hesitate to get in contact with the Guardia Civil.”



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