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Spain’s costas are still attracting wealthy overseas buyers as the second home market grows

Increasing numbers of international buyers are coming to Spain’s coasts, according to Lucas Fox

Concerns for last unspoiled Mediterranean cove in Spain as building ‘frenzy’ resumes

ONE of Spain’s last unspoiled Mediterranean coves is under threat from a new building frenzy. Environmentalists are growing concerned for the Costa Brava after several...

Police in southern Spain warn of ‘over friendly’ criminals using an age-old trick to steal your jewellery

SPANISH police have warned of an increase in jewellery thefts using an age old hugging trick.  Guardia Civil in Torrevieja posted a warning on Facebook...

Dad of young Brit killed in savage ‘one punch’ attack in Spain said his son’s murder ‘almost killed him...

THE father of a young Brit who was punched to death in Spain has revealed how not knowing who murdered his son almost killed...

Why this once booming Spanish hotspot is making a comeback to rival the Costa del Sol

Holiday bosses at Thomas Cook say retro destinations are making a comeback

VIDEO: Man swept to death in Benidorm storm

Attempting to reach his car, the 76-year-old was swept out to sea in Benidorm on Saturday afternoon

Spain’s el Bulli expansion plans rocked by environmental protests

Chef Ferran Adria has been forced to scale back his plan to expand the site by 300% after environmentalist protests

Mother-of-two among two British women found dead in Costa Brava drowning

The two women from Birmingham have been identified

UPDATE: Bodies found of two British women missing after midnight swim on Costa Brava

A search mission was launched on the Costa Brava after the holidaymakers disappeared during a raging storm

EXCLUSIVE: Landsbanki trial in French courts as representatives charged with money laundering and tax evasion

Hundreds of British expats lost their homes after the Icelandic bank collapsed in 2008. The bank's head lawyer in Spain, Domingo Plazas, has also been charged with tax evasion and money laundering

Spain’s top chefs, the Roca brothers, pick out their favourite eateries

An introduction to Catalan cuisine, courtesy of Spain’s most famous chefs (and Caitlin Quinn)

Shark sightings close four Spanish beaches

Four beaches were closed after lifeguards spotted blue sharks in the water in Catalunya

Great escape for ex-British soldier reunited with passport after seven years

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British army officer celebrates ‘freedom’ after seven-year wait for courts to return his passport

Salvador Dali facing paternity suit, 26 years after his death

As Spain’s former King Juan Carlos slips out of his paternity suit, another Spanish icon is facing his own dressing down

Trapped in Spain for SEVEN years: British former officer appeals for help

Former officer appeals for help after being left destitute and trapped by Spain’s court system and unable to return home to the UK

British bride run down by mystery driver on her Spanish honeymoon in Torrevieja

The mother-of-one was left with a fractured spine, internal bleeding and five broken ribs

Father and daughter die in Cataluna fires

They attempted to escape the flames by jumping into the sea from a cliff but died from the fall

British prisoner put on suicide watch in Spanish jail

Mother awaiting trial for murdering her two children now under 24-hour surveillance after paedophile partner found hanged

Two British teens stabbed in Spain

One man stabbed to death on the Costa Brava while another recovers in hospital following Costa del Sol attack

Kylie Minogue comes with the Kings

Kylie pays a visit to the Costa Brava to celebrate Los Reyes