Fernando Lopez Miras during the interview with TVE

FROM December there will be flights from Corvera airport in Murcia to ‘Manchester United’ airport.

This is what Fernando Lopez Miras, the president of the region of Murcia, announced during an interview with TVE this week.

During the comical broadcast blunder, the PP politician confused the city with the famous football team and said tickets are already available to buy.

He said: “The airport will be operating in December and if we look on the website of various operators and airlines today, we can already buy tickets for 2019 from Corvera to Leeds and Corvera to Manchester United.”

After becoming the subject of hundreds of jokes on social media, Lopez Miras later realised the error he made.

He tweeted: ‘Now we can buy tickets to travel to the new international airport from Murcia to Manchester United or to Manchester City ;) Things of #Championstourism and lapses of football fans.

‘Luckily I am a president of #FACTS more than words – FLM’.


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