Rajoy meets staff at 100Montaditos

IT’S known for its buzzing food scene and is home to a Michelin star, so when the prime minister of the country visited Ronda with his family, you would have thought he would pay successful local eateries a visit.

Not so for Mariano Rajoy, who opted for greasy McDonalds on Plaza de España instead, where he posed for photos with fellow fast food lovers.  

Confirming his quest for a Big Mac wasn’t an ‘I’m just like you’ photo opportunity, he was later spotted at 100Montaditos, a fast food tapas joint.

One boss of Quercus restaurant in nearby Jimera told the Olive Press: “The guy is a disgrace – all those fantastic local restaurants and ingredients and he goes to McDonald’s!

“The prime minister of this country – shows how much he cares about good local organic food and businesses. Some support. Shocking.”

Rajoy was visiting the Malaga town with family and stayed at the Parador de Ronda on the Tagus river.

He also held a meeting with party leaders in Ronda before returning to Madrid.


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