A BRITISH radio host has blamed Hector Bellerin’s recent poor form on his vegan diet.

TalkSPORT presenter Alan Brazil blasted the Spain full-back’s eating choices after Arsenal crashed out of the Europa League semi-finals to Atletico Madrid.

Bellerin, 23, became a vegan at the start of the season but claims he has more energy on and off the pitch since the switch.

But Brazil said he needs to get a steak inside him.

“Get a steak down you, pal! Bellerin, that steak down you raw! That’ll help.

“He was a good player but he’s gone. I don’t know what’s happened to him.

“Look at [Diego] Costa – do you think he has a Caesar salad every Sunday lunch?

“Vegans don’t say ‘Hi, how’re you doing?’ they say, ‘Hi, I’m a vegan’. They get it in first.”

Bellerin claims he no longer has to strap up his ankles to play since going vegan.

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