UNDER FIRE: Carmen Martinez Castro

MARIANO Rajoy’s press secretary has been caught saying how she would like to tell protesting pensioners ‘f**k you’.

Carmen Martinez Castro is facing calls to resign after her lewd comments were picked up by a microphone.

She told a party aide: “How I would like to show them the finger and say f*** you.”

Prime minister Rajoy had been attending a meeting in Alicante on Saturday at which pensioners were protesting.

Pensioners have staged a series of large demonstrations across Spain in recent weeks demanding a rise in state payments.

José Luís Ábalos, a Socialist MP, said her comments ‘showed a lack of respect to pensioners’.

Castro said she had been joking.

“The best I can do is not explain because that makes no sense but to apologise,” she said during a radio interview.

Castro has been Rajoy’s communications and PR guru since 2011.

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