MIJAS continues to be a hotbed of controversy, dodgy dealings and endless poor decision making. So, what has been going on?

The Ciudadanos party coordinator has apparently resigned after one of the councillors (no names, but there are only five of them) appointed his sister in law to a €50,000 a year consultant post. Ciudadanos managed their five seats on the platform of transparency and anti-corruption, so not a good advert.

Then there is the rubbish collection. We had a big announcement that they had negotiated, albeit two years after the contract had ended, a reduction of €1 million euros per year. Well done, ladies and gentlemen.

What they didn’t mention was that they had agreed to build the company a depot costing €3 million plus the cost of the land at around €1 million.

Now, my maths is terrible, but over a four-year contract that comes to an additional €4 million. They are actually gifting all of this to Urbaser. Call me stupid, but that doesn’t sound like a saving of €4 million.

On the subject of my terrible maths, work this one out. The Chiringuitos. Mayor Maldonado announced that the nearly 30 chiringuitos were going to have a massive investment and create 600 new jobs. Actually, there are 21 which, even with my poor maths, is near to 20 than 30.

The number 30 is also how many new staff each of them is apparently going to take on.

I spoke to some owners at the weekend and after they has stopped laughing… actually they didn’t stop laughing. Maldonado also ‘slapped’ the leader of the PSOE in the face as he is responsible for the beaches, and he wasn’t invited to the meeting with the Chiringuito owners. They are supposed to be working together.

I wasn’t laughing when I heard that Fuengirola is to receive €10 million from the European Social Fund and Mijas is getting NOTHING. The reason is simple, we didn’t apply for any.

There was a nice cycle run organised last week; great idea, except that no one was there to ensure that the riders complied with the law, and several children and adults were photographed going topless; sorry let me clarify that, not wearing helmets. Thank god there were no accidents or their liability insurance would have been void.

Finally, the Council had decided to clean out the bank accounts, probably illegally, and spend all 65 Million in the next 8 months. What makes me sad is that there is no money for the residence for the elderly, no money for the donkeys of Mijas or for the refuge for abandoned animals. Probably because neither donkeys, nor the cats and dogs can vote!

For your information, Mijas Matters has set up the third meeting for the International Community on May 17, in Club La Naranja, Calahonda. Angel Nozal and Mario Bravo will be there. For more information contact mijasmatters@gmail.com.

All in all, it has been a quieter month for news!!

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