A SPANISH teenager is auctioning her virginity after stating she has been ‘too busy’ studying to find a boyfriend. 

Alice Hayson, 19, originally from Spain but now living in Latin America, set up a website for anyone who is interested in bidding.

Any potential suitors who don’t want to mess about waiting to see if their bid was the highest can click ‘buy it now’ for €1M.

Speaking to the Sun the brunette claimed that she had already received an offer of €250K from an Italian businessman.

“I am convinced this is the best decision for me as I have zero sexual experience and I am interested in exploring my sexuality,” Alice told Femail.

“So an experienced man would provide the best learning experience for me.”

The part-time model and English student hopes to use the proceeds to study astronomy, preferably in Spain, as the undisclosed city she is currently in does not offer the course.

Any extra money will also go towards helping her family members out of debt.

Currently, three offers have been received with Alice’s manager verifying documents produced by the bidders to confirm that they have the means to pay.

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