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WATCH: Police in Spain free women held captive in Costa del Sol 24 – hour basement brothel

The officers discovered the women had been forbidden from leaving the basement

Police free pregnant teen sold by parents for €8,000 to Romanian family in Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE have freed a pregnant teen who was sold by her parents to a Romanian family in Andalucia. The 16-year-old’s mum and dad flogged her...

Spanish student auctioning her virginity has already been offered €250k

A SPANISH teenager is auctioning her virginity after stating she has been 'too busy' studying to find a boyfriend.  Alice Hayson, 19, originally from Spain...

Minor freed from underage prostitution racket in Andalucia

AN underage prostitution racket has been smashed by the Policia Nacional in Almeria province as part of their anti-trafficking operation. The 54-year-old alleged perpetrator advertised...

Fundraiser launched to help repatriate body of Costa del Sol flood victim

Sam Turner of Sotogrande wants to raise €1,000 to cover part of the cost to fly home the Romanian Ionela Olguta Pantelimon, the 23-year-old nightclub worker who drowned in Club California in Estepona

Spain’s sex industry is booming

Painting the town red

Nine women freed in illegal brothel raid in Marbella

Nine prostitutes kept in squalid conditions have been freed in a police raid. Three Portuguese pimps have also been arrested after keeping the women hostage against their will

‘Europe’s biggest pimp’ arrested in Torremolinos

Belgian expat Stefan Rene stands accused of heading a prostitution network that spans across Europe

Benefits for Spanish prostitutes

Spanish prostitutes now have the right to be on the dole

Prostitute’s life saved by a hook after being thrown out of a window in Spain

27-year old sex worker saved from the 10-metre fall because her clothes snagged

Why Nokia is being mocked in Spain

The phone company obviously did not check the Spanish dictionary before naming their new handset

Murdered priest

Two 19-year-old gay prostitutes have been charged with the murder of a priest

Crouch to get extra time

Abbey Clancy has been in crisis talks with her mum in Majorca

Ouch for Peter Crouch!

England star Crouch in vice-girl shame




Spain slammed for being the European country with more dolphins in captivity 

Environmentalists have exposed Spain as the European country with the largest number of dolphins in captivity.  NGO World Animal Protection slams the Mediterranean country for...


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