spain-prostitutionCRISIS  or no crisis, there’s been no belt-tightening in Spain’s booming sex industry.

In fact, more cash is splashed on prostitutes here than in any country in the world after China, according to a survey by Havoscope, a website which investigates the global black market.

Of the 196 countries surveyed worldwide, the annual spend on prostitution in Spain totalled €23.5 billion, behind China’s €67.2 billion.

The Spanish also spend more than any other nationality, with €343 spent per year per capita on prostitutes.


  1. International police estimate that 90% of these women and girls – there are at least 400,000 of them – are trafficked by Russia, Romanian, Nigerian and Chinese crime groups.
    (New York Times and VIMEO video:(“”)
    Still, the PP dominated government continues to allow crime bosses to buy their way into the Spanish real estate and rackets market for EU500,000. Good investment for them, no?
    Till 2010 Spain did not even distinguish between illegal immigration and human trafficking. Sex vacations by affluent under-thirty men from various EU countries now flourish.
    I suppose that corrupt money is the cement that binds the right wing PP (and likely others) with the big international enterprises – whether global and legal global corporations, or illegal syndicates and networks.
    Perhaps the only difference between legal and illegal enterprises is who is profiting and whether they can access the top echelons of government.

  2. Spanish males are well aware that most prostitutes are trafficked – they don’t care. Most clients are young men who like to ‘sample’ the different ‘products’ their mothers know full well what is happening, as long as they end up marrying ‘ a nice Spanish girl’ they don’t care.

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