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Experts advising Spain’s Health Ministry are finally ready to scrap face masks on public transport 

THE GROUP of experts advising the Spanish Health Ministry has agreed that the time has finally come for face coverings to no longer be...

Spain to introduce Covid checks on air passengers from China

PEOPLE flying into Spain from China will have to produce a Covid vaccination certificate or show proof of a negative Covid test. Friday's announcement from...

Alien invasion: Asian algae taking over Spanish waters

AN Asian algae now declared an ‘invasive species’ is causing havoc on native biodiversity. In just a year it has spread 400 kilometres along Spanish...

Net zero by 2050? Fact or fantasy?

Read on.You decide. But first of all let me explain the difference between two terms frequently bandied about - Net Zero and Carbon Capture. NET ZERO This...

Spain signs big green energy deal including new electric car battery factory

Spain has signed a major agreement with Chinese green energy company Envision Group to set up four projects. They include an electric car battery plant,...

Cybercriminals in Spain’s Barcelona steal €1.6 million of broadcasting cash from Italian football club Florentina

THE Policia Nacional have arrested 11 people in the Barcelona area over a €1.6 million fraud against Italian Serie A football club, Florentina. They sent...

Seizure of fake luxury branded jewellery with €1 million price tag on Spain’s Costa Blanca

BOGUS branded luxury jewellery items with a retail value close to €1 million have been discovered in shipping containers at the port of Alicante. The...

Police in Spain bring down Chinese prostitution network that pocketed €5 million

A Bilbao-based Chinese prostitution gang that banked an estimated €5 million has been smashed by the Policia Nacional. 63 people have been arrested- 61 of...

Pink-skinned baby panda twins are born at Madrid Zoo in Spain

TWIN giant pandas were born at Madrid Zoo today(September 6). Huz Zui Ba gave birth to her first baby at 8.30 am and then at...

Valencia tourism board launches campaign to attract Chinese visitors

THE Valencian tourism board has launched an intensive campaign to attract Chinese visitors to the region. Planned to coincide with Chinese New Year tomorrow (February...

POLL: 37% of people in Spain believe COVID-19 came from lab in Wuhan, China

A large proportion of scientists believe the virus may have come from bats, which are known to harbour a similar coronavirus

Controversy as Spain’s Balearic Islands grants €8.2 MILLION to entrepreneurs with offshore companies in Panama and Malta to purchase...

In the wake of the revelations, opposition parties have demanded an explanation from President Francina Armengol

COVID-19: The wheels of industry must start turning – goodbye China!

AND so it was that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the catastrophic de-industrialisation of the West. A combination of greed, neglect, complacency and laziness allowed this...

€17 MILLION: Leaked documents reveal total cost of faulty COVID-19 tests Spain ordered from China

LEAKED official documents have revealed the true cost of Spain's faulty COVID-19 testing kit debacle. Obtained by Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the papers show how...

China registers NO new coronavirus deaths for the first time since the crisis began

CHINA has registered no COVID-19 deaths for the first time since they started publishing daily figures in January.

China prohibits companies from exporting coronavirus supplies without a quality certificate, following the faulty tests that were sent to...

CHINA has prohibited companies from exporting Covid-19 supplies without a quality certificate.

BREAKING: China closes its borders to all foreigners, including those with visas and residence permits

CHINA has announced that it will be closing its borders to foreigners from midnight on Saturday.

Italy’s coronavirus death count overtakes China’s with 3,405 fatalities

ITALY has recorded more coronavirus deaths than China and is the country with the most fatalities worldwide.

China records ZERO new local coronavirus cases and 34 that came from abroad

CHINA has reported no new local coronavirus cases for the first time since the outbreak began.

China begins clinical trials for first coronavirus vaccine

CHINA has begun clinical trials for its first coronavirus vaccine.

CORONAVIRUS: China pledges medical help to Spain

CHINA has pledged to aid Spain in its fight against coronavirus.  The nation’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, spoke with Spanish counterpart Arancha Gonzalez Laya on the phone on March...

Study suggests coronavirus spreads easier than previously thought, including via faecal matter, as Spain surpasses 1,600 cases

FRESH studies in China have suggested the coronavirus can survive in the air for at least 30 minutes and spread from person to person...

‘TOTAL CONCERN’: Spain to China jamon and wine trade decimated by coronavirus that has killed 360 people

Spanish wine exports to China totalled 61.2 million litres in 2018, worth €144 million, while the country is Spain’s fifth largest wine market

Spain welcomes back nationals fleeing China’s corona virus epicentre

SPAIN joins France and the UK in allowing their citizens to return to their homeland

BREAKING: False alarm as Chinese patient in Granada does not have lethal Coronavirus

Chinese tourist will be kept until result is 100% confirmed today

Spain preparing for Wuhan coronavirus as thousands of Chinese set to visit for their new year holidays

SPAIN'S Ministry of Health has announced it is developing an action plan to battle the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the small chance it enters...





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