CHINA has prohibited companies from exporting Covid-19 supplies without a quality certificate.

According to El Mundo sources, this was done as a result of the faulty tests sent to Spain last week.

The Chinese Government emphasises that ‘the global pandemic is accelerating fast’.

“Therefore on the basis of doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, the orderly export of medical supplies is an important measure to deepen international cooperation in the prevention and control of the epidemic.”

In this way, the Asian country establishes that from now on it will have the aim of ‘effectively supporting the global fight against the epidemic’.

“We will guarantee the quality and safety of the product and regulate the export order, with a new certificate becoming mandatory for export of products.”

The Ministry of Commerce stresses that as of today, “when the company declares customs, it must provide a written or electronic declaration and promise that the export products have obtained China’s medical device product registration certificate.”

After the fiasco with the faulty tests sent to Spain, the Spanish Government has returned the products to the Bioeasy company and has ordered a new batch from elsewhere.

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