IT’S April fools today apparently… but attempting to pull off an April Fools’ joke in the midst of a global pandemic is perhaps not the best way to make friends, or keep them for that matter.

So I’ll concentrate on trying to explain fractions to my kids instead… and in Spanish, as if doing it in my mother tongue wasn’t complicated enough.

With words such as: numerator and denominator (making me think I’m teaching Latin instead) today’s lesson feels overwhelming and I’m pretty sure the kids feel just as perplexed.

Fortunately I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to teach fractions is with the aid of visual stimuli, like sweeties or wine, cake or wine, a box of chocolates or wine, cocktails or wine, beer or wine and so forth, just to name but a few.

Mamma teaching fractions with visual stimuli like sweeties or wine…

Visual stimuli is universal too, for once my knowledge of Spanish (or rather lack of it) won’t be an issue.

Focusing attention with the aid of props makes it so much easier for the teacher, I mean pupils…

One glass of wine = whole

Drink two fingers = ¾

Drink four fingers = Half

Drink another four fingers = Gone!

Mamma concentrating on trying to explain fractions to the kids


Lesson plan cést fini!

Voila! Lesson plan cést fini!

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