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But first of all let me explain the difference between two terms frequently bandied about – Net Zero and Carbon Capture.


This is the target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, to be achieved by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Carbon capture and storage of carbon capture is the process of capturing CO2 before it enters the atmosphere, transporting it, and storing it for centuries to come.The cost of this technology is extremely expensive – the cost of the equipment and materials required to separate CO2, build infrastructure to transport it, and store it are prohibitively high.

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Carbon capture. Image Flirck

So Net Zero is the most sensible game in town.

Politicians around the world bang on about achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Easily said and politically correct.

Politicians are masters of promising things for the future that they won’t be around to be judged on.

The threats of climate change are the direct result of there being too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. FACT.

Put simply, it is not enough to slow down emissions, we must reverse carbon emissions wholesale.This concept is central to the world’s current plan to avoid catastrophe.

There are many suggestions as to how to do this – from mass tree planting, to high tech direct air capture devices that suck the CO2 from the air.

All countries agree that if we deploy these and other so-called ‘CO2 removal techniques’ at the same time as reducing our burning of fossil fuels, we can more rapidly halt global warming. By 2050 we could achieve Net Zero.

Great idea in principle.

In reality this theory helps perpetuate a belief in technological salvation and diminishes the sense of urgency surrounding the need to CURB EMISSIONS NOW.

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Nuclear power plant. Image Flirck

The human race is gambling its civilisation on the promise of future solutions.

“How did we get this so wrong? What are our children supposed to think about how we have acted?”

(James Dyke , Senior Lecturer in Global Systems , Exeter University)

Check out some facts 

– President Biden has had his financial wings well and truly clipped. Net result – America has no chance of achieving net zero by 2050.

President Biden Makes Remarks On The Killing Of Ayman Al Zawahri In A Drone Strike
U.S. President Biden. Image Cordon Press.

– China, India, Germany, and many more countries are scaling up fossil fuel power plants thanks to the actions of the lunatic Putin.

-Planting billions of trees only partially helps.(No county is anywhere near achieving its commitments. And deforestation continues to increase in the Amazon).Trees need water to grow – in some places where people are thirsty, how does this work? Plus, increasing forest cover in higher altitudes can have an overall warming effect because the land surface becomes darker. This darker land absorbs more energy from the sun and so temperatures rise.


It’s about time we are honest.

Policies that are being employed are motivated by the need to keep business as usual.

Forget the climate.

Einstein stated…….

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Time for action, Net Zero 2050 is FANTASY.

Martin Tye is the owner of energy switch company Mariposa Energy. Contact him on +34 638145664 or email him at


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