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Woman from Spain’s Salamanca ordered to pay €10,000 after discussing neighbour’s noisy sex on TV program

GOSSIPING about a neighbour’s sex life has proved to be costly for a woman from the Spanish city of Salamanca, after it landed her...

Poll: 22% of women in Spain say they have been sexually assaulted 

NEARLY 22% of women in Spain say they have suffered some kind of sexual assault during their lives. That’s a total of 3.5 million...

Seven women rescued from clutches of sex exploitation gang in Spain

SEVEN victims of a sex exploitation gang that operated in different parts of Spain have been freed by the Policia Nacional. Three men who pimped...

Murcia farmer jailed for 42 years for sexually assaulting female workers in Spain

A Cartagena farmer has been jailed for 42 years after Murcia's Provincial Court found him guilty of sexually assaulting six female labourers and employing...

Teenagers arrested for recording video of couple having sex in toilet cubicle in Valencia area nightclub in Spain

TWO men, aged 18 and 19, have been arrested for recording a video of two people having sex in a toilet cubicle at a...

Vox wants casual sex crackown in Spain

BY Livia Cockerell CASUAL sex and the ‘hypersexualisation’ of society is to blame for the the countries low birthrate, so says Juan Garcia-Gallardo, Vox’s deputy...

Woman snubbed by Costa Blanca court in Spain over ex-boyfriend posting sex image on WhatsApp

A woman's battle against a vindictive ex-boyfriend who posted a photo of her vagina on WhatsApp has again ended in failure at an Alicante...

Anonymous tip-off brings down Murcia sex exploiters who abused 19 women that came to Spain

AN anonymous e-mail to a Policia Nacional anti-human trafficking website has led to the bringing down of a major Murcia criminal gang. Police have arrested...

GET A ROOM!: Sex tourists blamed for damaging one of Spain’s best and most ecologically valuable dune systems

BONKING tourists are being blamed for damaging one of Spain’s most important dune systems. While the earth has been moving on the Canary island of...

EXPLAINER: The sex industry in Spain and why PM Pedro Sanchez wants to ban prostitution

IT MAY be the oldest profession in the world, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez pledged on Sunday to criminalise prostitution in Spain insisting the...

Woman teacher sentenced to 17-weeks in prison for sexual activity with two students in Gibraltar

A GIBRALTAR teacher, Claire Treacy, has been found guilty of engaging in sexual relations with two students and sentenced to 17-weeks in prison. The 26-year-old...

Europe’s first case of dengue fever transmitted by sex recorded in Spain

“To our knowledge, the first sexual transmission of the dengue virus among men who have sex with men”

Mother-of-four sent to prison for six years after selling FOUL sex videos of two of her daughters, aged 8...

According to reports, the woman committed sexual abuse at least on her two daughters, aged 14 and 8.

Over 40% of people in Spain think cheating on a partner is acceptable

British people are the biggest prudes in Europe, the study also found.

Andalucia is best place to have sex in Spain for fifth year in row, study finds

The study of 18-35-year-olds, conducted through online questionnaires, revealed that six out of 10 Spaniards have sex once a week or less frequently

British most obsessed with doggy-style while Spain loves ‘cuckolding’, as new study reveals world’s sexual preferences

In the English-speaking world as a whole, 'threesome' was the most popular search term

REVEALED: Which of Spain’s regions will be having the most sex this Valentine’s Day

Spain’s favourite day to get between the sheets is Tuesday, when 15.04% of all sex happens, the findings reveal

WATCH: British man arrested in Spain as police seize 2,500 banned ‘Viagra pills’

The pills seized have exciting names, like ‘Boner Gold’ and ‘Maxx Blue’

BEACH SEX: Horny holidaymakers could be destroying Ibiza’s sand dunes with outdoor romps

Protected areas of the beach are fenced off, but couples looking to get it on are frequently jumping over the barriers

FAR-RIGHT: Vox agrees coalition deal in Spain’s Andalucia to end 36-year Socialist rule

It marks the first time a far-right party has had a role in Spanish regional government since Franco died in 1975

Police bust Benidorm sex club after Polish gang stole thousands by adding zeros to customer’s bills

Three Polish women aged 22, 23 and 27 were among those arrested at the club frequented by Brits

An 11-year-old gives birth in a hospital in Murcia

Hospital authorities quickly alerted the police who discovered the father of the baby was also a minor, believed to be 14-years-old, so sexual abuse is ruled out.

Couple who quit jobs ‘to get paid to travel around the world having sex’ visit Spain and beyond

A COUPLE who quit their jobs to sell videos of themselves having sex have visited Spain, most of Europe and South America thanks to...

British couple who fled prostitution charge found in Cartama

The pair offered sex with their own daughters

Malaga described as HIV ‘hot zone’

Between 50 and 100 new cases of HIV are diagnosed in the province each year




Spanish priest is removed from his Costa Blanca parish for calling Pope Francis a ‘heretic’

THE bishop of the Orihuela-Alicante diocese has suspended San Isidro's parish priest for branding Pope Francis a 'heretic'. Bishop Jose Ignacio Munilla took the tough...


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