HOUSE OF PAIN: The apartment building where police found the severed penis.

A BRITISH man who cut his own penis off most likely had help from a friend and was allegedly ‘unhappy with his gender identity.’

The unnamed man, found staggering around Zaragoza dismembered and bloodied, was teaching English and acting ‘normal’ hours before, an Olive Press investigation has also revealed.

The 33-year-old Londoner, whose name we are not printing for legal reasons, is believed to to be a well respected English teacher who had previously worked in China.

The Oxford graduate is believed to have moved to Spain in 2014 before being discovered last friday ‘bloodied’ and ‘shocked’ near his home on Calle Calatayud.

“We don’t know if we had a sick person here living with us or if someone tried to kill him. Now he is in hospital and no one knows how he is,” Reyes, a woman believed to be the man’s neighbour, told the Olive Press in Zaragoza.

It comes after the expat was rushed to Hospital Miguel Servet after police found him mutilated.

They then raced to the man’s flat and managed to find his severed penis in a bin bag.

An occupant of the sublet flat the injured man shared with five others told the Olive Press she had been watching tv in her room with her young daughter on the night police came for the sex organ.

She kept her door shut and said ‘what happened inside their room was not her business.’

REUNITED: The hospital where doctors manged to reattached the amputated member

A source at the hospital confirmed to the Olive Press the penis had been successfully reattached, however, doctors have not ruled out any future complications.

Officials at the Hospital today acknowledged a british man was recuperating in the plastic surgery and urology department but declined to comment further.

Sources have told Spanish press that the man was ‘not happy’ with being a man and struggled with his gender identity.

A teacher at the English Academy where the man is believed to teach, today told the Olive Press: “He works all over Zaragoza teaching for lots of school and was well liked, seemed like your typical Brit teaching in Spain.”

When approached the Academy said the man had been there on Friday morning and seemed ‘normal’.

Speaking anonymously, the teacher said: “When he did not turn up for class on Monday, I become worried, after that a friend came to drop off a doctor’s note to say he was ill, that the last I heard.”

‘BLOODIED’: The dismembered expat staggered along the street before police arrived

Cops in Zaragoza initially thought the man had carried out the gruesome act himself but on Thursday the man’s housemate was arrested amidst reports of a macabre pact between the two friends.

A Policia Nacional spokesman said: “A flatmate of the British man has been arrested on suspicion of wounding.

“He is currently at police force HQ in Zaragoza and will be handed over to the courts for further questioning.”

Local reports say the Brit may have given his mate the go ahead of the grizzly deed, as police investigate if the detainee had been paid to carry it out.

This comes as police dismissed reports the brit may have been trying to find someone to film him cutting of his penis himself.

The friend who is accused of helping the Brit is being held by police.

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