VOX: The first far-right party to have a role in regional government since General Franco died in 1975

VOX has agreed to support a centre-right coalition in Andalucia, ending 36 years of Socialist reign.

The anti-immigration party will not enter government, but has made a 37-point agreement with the PP, which includes measures to tackle Islamic fundamentalism and illegal immigration.

It marks the first time a far-right party has had a role in Spanish regional government since General Franco died in 1975.

BOSS: The PP’s Juan Manuel Moreno will be the new leader of Andalucia

Yesterday evening Vox pledged its support to a coalition between the conservative PP and centre-right Ciudadanos.

Juan Manuel Moreno, of the PP will be sworn in as the new leader of Spain’s most populous region.

“Today illegal immigration and corruption lose, and the Andalucians, the defence of the family and a more pluralistic politics win,” said Vox deputy leader Javier Ortega.

The Socialist PSOE leader in Andalucia, Susana Diaz, called the regional elections early on December 2.

DESTROYED: Susana Diaz’ PSOE party recorded historic losses in the vote as Andalucia’s Socialist era comes to an end

Vox gained their first ever 12 seats in the region’s 109-seat Parliament, while the PP won 26 and the Ciudadanos 21.

The coalition agreement reached yesterday does not include a repeal of the laws on violence against women, which Vox had been calling for.

A significant backlash against Vox is expected, after 100 feminist groups have already signed a manifesto to stand against the party’s views on gender equality and gender violence law.

Meanwhile, a PSOE spokesperson said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s government regretted the ‘radicalisation seen on the part of the PP and Ciudadanos’.

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