NEW regulations dictate that Spanish prostitutes are entitled to the same rights as any other workers.

Madrid´s Calle de la Montera is one of the city´s most famous red light districts
Madrid´s Calle de la Montera is one of the city´s most famous red light districts

This new development means that they can claim the dole if they are unemployed.

A Barcelona judge also called for employers to work with proper contracts and to pay their social security contributions, as is expected in any other business.

Judge Juan Augustin Maragall ruled that all brothels must provide staff with official contracts.

Some believe that the seven-year economic crisis led to more women having to sell their bodies to put food on the table.

Spanish prostitutes numbered 400,000 in 2007 but critics say the number has increased dramatically since then.

In Spain, prostitution is not illegal but neither is it completely free from the law.

Income from pimping is against the law and pimps can receive a prison sentence of four years.


  1. I’m really please that working girls are treated fairly, if they pay their tax then why shouldn’t they be able to claim unemployment.If anyone is wondering I’m a female I work in a school, not a prostitute, never had that job. If this is their chosen way of earning money then good luck to them x

  2. Begs the questions ‘why would they be unemployed in their profession’ and ‘would they be better off not paying taxes’ as many others who get paid ‘B’ money in Spain? Are they entitled to holiday pay and occupational pensions as well, and when should they retire, 30, 35, 38.5 for example?

    If this happened in the UK I could see the Evening Standard headline:

    ‘Read all about it, brothels to give contracts to workforce’ Lol

  3. Stef, I thought the number was a bit high, I am not saying it is wrong just a bit surprised at how many there are in Spain. I know when you are driving around of a night, or up and down the motorways the ‘clubs’ are shinning everywhere so I know it is rife. I have not participated but know many who have, their Wives have shut down communication in this area so they drift down this Road.

  4. They should retire at retirement age, if they change their occupation then that’s up to them, as long as their healt lets them work to retirement age doing whatever work they can get. They should have regular health checks through the state as people in other types of employment can have access via the state health. Better they charge than give it away for free. Theses workers have no interest in breaking up family’s or contacting their clients partners, which is far better than tramps who deliberately break family’s up for no reason, I have a lot of respect to these workers. X

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