British policeBRITS getting boozed up abroad could soon be kept in check by a familiar foe.

Spanish officials are hoping to see British police officers on the beat in holiday hotspots Ibiza and Magaluf this summer.

Up to a dozen British officers could join up with their Spanish counterparts in an attempt to clamp down on the ‘Brits abroad’ compromised reputation.

“The arrival of these officers will increase the security we want to offer both tourists and residents,” said the mayor of San Antonio, Ibiza.

“It will also help local Spanish police concentrate on making sure by-laws like bar opening hours are adhered to so they don’t find themselves overwhelmed by public order interventions.”

Balearics-based government spokesman, Jesus Valdes, added his support to the initiative, saying that a number of hotel owners have offered travelling police officers free accommodation.

Last summer officers from France and Germany were called upon to keep watch over their respective holiday makers.

British police have previously been deployed to keep football hooligans in check, but have never before travelled abroad to keep an eye on tourists.


  1. Let’s hope all these crackdowns do take place nothing wrong with having a good time but there’s a line if the DJS continue with these games sack them fine them close them down they will soon stop then after all I’m sure they wouldn’t want to suffer the consequences of a hefty fine sacked and being closed down

  2. Who is going to pay these Bobbies on a bender patrol? Will it be a kind of ” Busmans holiday”? Or pay by results, so many euros per nicking? Then there’s the legal question, what authority will these Old Bill have in their endeavours? Won’t they in fact, just be tourists, like their quarry? It all sounds like the useless mooching around as in the Maddie Mccann. case.

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