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‘Social security nightmare’: British expat’s pension application denied in Spain

A retired British expat who applied to get his pension on his 65th birthday from a social security office in Spain was denied, and...

Unemployment in Spain as its lowest figure in 14 years

SPAIN’S jobless figure dropped to 2,880,582 in June, its lowest level since October 2008. This was 42,409 fewer than in May, according to data published...

Live long and prosper on Spain’s Costa Blanca as people aged 100 years and over triples in two decades

THE number of people aged 100 years and over has tripled over two decades in Alicante Province. Figures from the National Institute of Statistics(INE) show...

Landmark figure achieved of 20 million people working in Spain, according to government statistics

A record 20 million people are in work according to Spain's social security figures released on Wednesday. It's the first time that the much-vaunted 20...

Sweatshop factory exploiter paid vulnerable foreign workers a pittance in Spain’s Alicante area

A 38-year-old clothes recycling warehouse owner has been arrested for exploiting workers at his Cocentaina factory in Alicante Province. It's the latest in a series...

Barcelona’s Gerard Pique gets big tax break from Spain’s Supreme Court

BARCELONA footballer Gerard Pique has landed a €2.1 million pre-Christmas windfall courtesy of Spain's Supreme Court. Pique, 34, has been given a refund of a...

How could Brexit affect Spanish ‘Brexpats’?

Jo Chipchase examines the latest state of play…

Spain’s unemployment fell in June

Unemployment is down for the fifth month in a row

First ever hologram protest held in Spain in response to ‘gag law’

Thousands of holograms were beamed onto the lower house of parliament

Benefits for Spanish prostitutes

Spanish prostitutes now have the right to be on the dole

The ins and out of immigration in Spain

If you're not a Spanish national but want to live in the country for more than 90 days a year, the law requires you to become resident

Payment boost for the unemployed

Social security payments increased to €450 for Spanish

What will the baby-boomers do?

As the number of people in retirement outnumbers the working population, Richard Alexander considers where their pensions will come from…

UK dole claimants in Spain: looking for jobs, or just ‘sunning themselves’?

UK ministers seek to tighten up rules allowing Brits to claim Jobseekers' Allowance while living in Spain

Roca finca to pay off social security debt

Marbella Mayor has proposed offering an estate seized from Juan Antonio Roca as collateral towards debt




Attempt to ban stamp celebrating centenary of Spain’s Communist Party has unexpected effect

THE STREISAND effect is the name given to the phenomenon where an attempt to hide or censor something has the opposite result, instead drawing...


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