THE number of unemployed in the Baleares fell by 10,904 in April, according to the Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

These numbers represent a 26% fall  compared to the same period last year. 

The region closed April with 31,011 jobless, 8.06% fewer than in March.

And Social Security gained 34,009 employees last month, a 6.56% increase compared to April 2022 and a rise of almost 12% over the previous month.

This made the total number of workers registered on the Baleares Social Security system 552,291. 

These figures are the best in Spain, where nearly 240,000 employees joined Social Security. 

Across the country, the number of unemployed fell by 73,890 people, leaving the number of jobless at 2.78 million, the lowest number since 2008 just before the financial crisis hit.

This latest boost to the economy is related to the Easter holidays and the arrival of the high season, as most jobs were created in the hospitality industry. 

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