Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Andalucia fruit farmers berry concerned as less than 1,000 locals apply for some 23,000 job vacancies, despite huge unemployment...

The work is mostly carried out by Moroccan women who work at least 39 hours per week, and sometimes 10 hours more

A raise in minimum wage on the horizon

AN agreement to raise the minimum wage next year is likely to take place tonight (Tuesday) at 5pm. The meeting between the Minister of Employment,...

Unemployment numbers up across Spain, but Balearic jobless figure drops 12%

Balearic Islands shows second largest drop across Spain

Andalucia Junta urges Spain Government rethink after it slashes employment grants

Andalucia has lost €24.3m in funding to encourage more jobs and tackle long term unemployment this year compared to last, the only Spanish autonomous region to do so

Spain’s unemployment falls by almost 50,000 in March

Spain is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in seven years, however many of the new jobs created are in the hospitality sector, and are temporary.

Spain slammed by European Commission for inequality levels

Levels of poverty, inequality and social exclusion are ‘among the highest in the EU’, according to the European Commission’s Spain 2017 Report

Unemployment falls in Spain, but most jobs ‘precarious’

Just four out of every 100 contracts signed in December were long-term and full-time, the UGT has said

Shortage of skilled workers holding back economic recovery in Spain

Modern companies are simply unable to find sufficient numbers of workers

Spain unemployment figure at a decade low in June

Number of jobless claims dropped by 124,349

Record fall in Spanish unemployment during 2015

Jobless figure falls to 20.9% as 525,100 new positions created last year

Spain sees largest fall in unemployment since 2005

Unemployment is falling, GDP is rising and forecasts are optimistic

Spain’s unemployment fell in June

Unemployment is down for the fifth month in a row

Spain’s unemployment level fell twice as fast as expected in April

The plunge of 118,923 far surpasses the predicted drop of 65,000

Spain’s unemployment fell by 63,200 in March

Unemployment in Spain fell by 63,200 in March

Spain’s austerity and unemployment inspires new UK play

“This is a war, us against them, the rich, the greedy: the ones that got us into this mess.”

Carrefour to create 3,000 jobs in Spain

The big supermarket chain aims to help combat youth unemployment

Why work hard?

The mystery to Spain's economic woes may lie in their work ethos

Spain suffers mass exodus due to bad economy

Economic woes and high unemployment rates have forced people to look for their fortunes elsewhere

Political row erupts over drilling in the Canary Islands

President of the archipelago threatens divorce from Spain over oil-drilling

Is Spain’s unemployment turnaround misleading?

The optimistic stats may conceal more than they reveal about the economy

Summer brings more than 6,000 jobs to Malaga

But experts are not getting carried away, as most contracts are for temporary work

Andalucia suffers second highest poverty rate during economic crisis

Economic studies demonstrate how Andalucia is fairing during the crisis

Spanish pageant ‘helping hand’ for gypsy teens

Organisers hope to make the teens aspire to education

Spain welcomes fall in unemployment for April

Prompting PM Rajoy to ask Spanish people for a 'fair trial'

More unemployment means fewer traffic jams in Spain

The silver lining to the economic crisis: less traffic

Spain is home to all of the EU’s top five employment blackspots

And another two Spanish regions are in the top 10