Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Light at the end of the dole queue

A flashmob of musicians stormed an unemployment office in Madrid in the hope of lifting people's mood

Hundreds collect free food in Sabinillas

The hard-up and hungry were given free milk, rice, lentils and fruit juice in the first of a series of giveaways

Penelope Cruz urges filmmakers to come to Spain

The actress wants Hollywood to provide more work in her recession-hit country

English teachers still in demand as unemployment numbers continue to rise in Spain

English TEFL teachers are bucking the trend finding plenty of work in the heart of the recession

Spain’s unemployment rate hits a record high

Nearly one-fourth of the nation's population is now unemployed

Spanish unemployment falls for third month

The cut in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits is the largest ever recorded in June

Spanish youth heads to Germany

OPX editor Wendy Andersen on the Peter Pan syndrome and why the young are being forced to emigrate

On the fiddle

Unemployment figures in Spain are alarming, not just for the huge numbers of people, but for what they are hiding

Spain’s not working (or is it?)

With a quarter of all business ‘in the black’ and many working while claiming dole, Wendy Williams takes a closer look at the real job situation in Spain and why the official employment figures may be hiding the truth

New bailout fears

Markets speculate on Spanish economy as bond yields go above six per cent

Anarchy in Jerez

Unions ‘declare war’ after town hall lays off 390 employees

Shocker for Spain

No April Fool as government introduces seven per cent rise in electricity in new austerity budget

Unemployment to get even worse, says Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy has said the 23 per cent rate is likely to rise even further in 2012

Gibraltar chief minister tells Spain to get its priorities straight

Fabian Picardo calls on neighbouring country to drop the sovereignty claim and become friends

Spanish unemployment hits record high

Figures show 4.42 million out of work as government announces spending cuts and tax rises

Unemployment is unacceptable, says King of Spain

Juan Carlos also hits out at corruption - in a veiled attack on his son in law - in his annual Christmas address


Unemployment in Andalucia hit 30.9 per cent this summer for the first time since 1998, with only Ceuta having a higher rate (33.2 per...

Spanish protesters take to the streets against the Pope

‘Lack of money’ has fuelled outrage against his visit

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

EU grant fraud

6,000 companies accused of taking 23m euros to create jobs and then laying off staff

Spain ‘won’t follow Portugal’

Elena Salgado, the Spanish economy minister, has reassured investors that Spain will not need to ask for a bailout

Black is back

Charlotte Hanson explains her view on the black economy and why labour reforms have to be made if the Costa del Sol is to drag itself back onto its feet

Spain resists bailout pressure

Spain is hoping to avoid the fate of Ireland and Greece in resorting to the EU's emergency loans package

Spain’s unemployment level hits a new high

With 4.65 million unemployed Spain has double the unemployment of the rest of the Eurozone

One in five now jobless in Spain

Figures confirm that unemployment in Spain has reached highest level for over a decade

Spain to spend big to beat recession

Prime Minister Zapatero unveils extensive investment plans