Sunday, June 7, 2020
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More unemployment means fewer traffic jams in Spain

The silver lining to the economic crisis: less traffic

Spain is home to all of the EU’s top five employment blackspots

And another two Spanish regions are in the top 10

Spain’s economy to grow by 1.2% this year, predicts central bank

The bank has forecast some economic recovery, but not enough to relieve unemployment rates

Spaniards are still the world’s most fervent homeowners, despite the crisis

Despite high unemployment and five-year housing crisis, Spain still has more homeowners than any other country

Spain’s GDP growth falls below expectations

New figures show growth, but below expectations

Tax cuts and job creation incentives to boost economic recovery

Prime minister positive on the economy, but says unemployment will continue to plague the country

Nuns lose the abbey habit

Paid-per-hour work is slashed, leaving nuns out in the cold

OLIVE PRESS INVESTIGATES: 2014 – The real numbers behind the headlines

Tom Powell delves into the truth behind Spain's startling economic statistics

UK education bottom of the class for ‘neets’

White, working class men most likely to find themselves without work

Spanish unemployment falls in December

Number of registered jobless in Spain fell by 2.24% in December from a month earlier

Rajoy: Wage slashes have saved jobs

Rajoy vows not to scrap minimum wage

Spanish retailers expect Christmas jobs boom

Majority of new contracts will be offered to under 30s

Ikea server crash on Spanish jobs application

20,000 apply for 400 vacancies in the new Valencia store

Primark applications flood in as unemployment continues to bite

Unemployment rises again as seasonal contracts come to an end

Andalucia poorest region in Spain

About 40% of the population lives below the line of poverty in the autonomous region

Work inspectors close in on benefit fraudsters

Benefit fraudsters in Malaga more than double national average

Spain’s unemployment numbers decrease in July

The newly published data is a bright spot for Spain

Spanish economy making ‘strong progress’

But the country still needs to be doing more to get millions back into jobs

EU backs campaigners in calls to change Spain’s mortgage laws

European Parliament has called for changes to Spain's tough eviction laws

BMW runs employment scheme for jobless Spaniards

The firm will hire a group of 25 young workers to be trained at its Munich headquarters

Spanish man set himself on fire outside job centre

A 36-year-old poured petrol on himself in Malaga

Bank of Spain calls for minimum wage to be scrapped

The governor of the central bank has suggested several reforms to the labour laws

Working worries in Andalucia

Andalucia named as Europe’s second most unemployed region

Thousands turn out for Mayday protests across Spain

The demonstrations were largely peaceful across Spain

Spain’s population falls as foreigners flee eurozone crisis

Spain is experiencing a mass exodus of immigrants due to economic hardship

Socialists call for €1 billion poverty fund in Spain

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba says poverty is a 'national emergency' in Spain