UNEMPLOYMENT in the province of Malaga has risen by 4.7% in the month of April, compared to March.

According to the data published by the Ministry of Labour, in the first full month of lockdown due to the pandemic, 8,683 people in Malaga lost their jobs.

This brings the total tally of unemployed people in the province to 192,403.

In comparison to last year, that’s 43,351 more, which represents an increase of 31.7%.

In the whole of Andalucia, Malaga is the province that has experienced the highest increase in unemployment cases.

In comparison, the province of Sevilla only registered 5,175 unemployment cases last month.

Malaga is a province that thrives from the tourist industry and hospitality.

That industry alone accounts for 6,794 of the unemployment cases in April, with construction workers being the second group, with over 6,000 less cases at 738.

In addition, the Ministry of Labour also stated that 130,113 people in Malaga were registered on the ERTE scheme.

This comes after Spain as a whole experienced an 8% increase in unemployment last month, compared to March.

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