VALENCIA has led the way as the region in Spain where the most people were thrown on the dole last month.

Unemployment grew by 16,279 in June, the highest figure seen in all Spanish regions, followed by Andalucia with 11,009.

The increase in the number of people who lost their jobs in June is staggering compared to May, when it was only 575.

When compared to June 2019, that increase stands at 30%.

The total number of unemployed people in the entire region now stands at 485,019.

More than half of the people without a job in Valencia are women, with 264,675, compared to 192,121 who are men, with nearly 30,000 people’s genders unaccounted for.

The vast majority of them were over 25 years old, with 405,452, compared to only 51,344 who are under 25, while around 30,000 people’s ages are unaccounted for.

This comes as according to the Labour Ministry, 3.86 million people are currently out of a job nationwide.

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