THE Spanish job market recorded a record high in June.six-people-working-in-office-725x483

The number of jobless claims dropped by 124,349, the lowest for the month of June in a decade.

The total of unemployed people is now 3,767,054, according to figures from the Labour Ministry.

At the same time, the number of Social Security affiliations, a measure of job creation, rose by almost 100,000.

Most of the job market growth is due to the high season for tourism.


  1. As the Financial Times said “those [unemployment] numbers are derived from a flawed methodology, which misrepresents the true level of unemployment among young people”. Spain cherry picks its statistics, so if some people went to University for example, off the list they come. Depressingly, the unemployment figures are in fact a lot worse.

  2. Spain is a corrupt country. Anyone who believes in an of the figures the Spanish government provides the public is not true, especially with figures representing job or joblessness.

    How is it that the EU looks the other way in knowing many of the stats of false. Another reason why Brexit type departures may become more common in the future.

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