THE number of unemployed people in Spain has risen by 8% in the month of April.

The coronavirus crisis has severely affected the Spanish economy, as in the last month alone, 282,891 people lost their jobs.

That takes the total number of unemployed people nationwide to 3,831,203.

That is 667,637 more people than a year ago.

The hardest hit regions have been Catalunya, Madrid and Valencia.

According to the Government, 3.3 million people have been signed up to the ERTE scheme.

However, that figure differs to that released by the trade unions who claim it’s 3.9 million people instead.

According to the Ministry of Labour, up to €4.51 million worth of benefits have been paid out.

At the end of April, 5.2 million people were on the payroll to collect either benefit payments or ERTE.

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