ANDALUCIA will be the overwhelming destination of choice for Spanish travellers once they are allowed to travel between regions post COVID-19 lockdown. 

According survey of 1,028 Spaniards by the DNA Tourism and Leisure consultancy firm, more than 30% of travellers see the southernmost region as their destination of choice.

The survey asked a series of questions, asking the respondents to imagine ‘the state of alarm has already been lifted and there are no restrictions on travelling (inside and outside Spain)’ and that ‘the pandemic is ongoing and remains dormant.’

In such a scenario, 80% of people said they would travel as soon as they were allowed to. Of these, however, 6% said they would be afraid to even consider a holiday.

An overwhelming majority (77.5%), said they would prefer to holiday within Spain, while 20.16% would choose an international destination.

Of those who chose to travel within Spain, 33% picked Andalucia as the preferred region for a break.

Coming in a distant second were the Balearic Islands (9.7%), followed by Valencia (9.3%). The top three regions were chosen as a first choice by 52% of respondents.

All top 10 destinations offered sun, sea and sand, apart from Aragon, which placed sixth. The Canary Islands were the ninth most sought after post-COVID-19 trip, hinting the international tourism mecca will be hardest hit.

Some 57.3% of travellers want to enjoy the beach the most, followed by nature and culture.

Meanwhile, the preferred mode of travel will be by car (60%), followed by plane and then train, in a very distant third.

Of that 60%, only 1.6% will consider renting a vehicle, spelling trouble for car hire firms if there is no pickup in international tourists.

“It remains to be seen what protocols will be put in place by airlines and trains when it comes to safety and hygiene measures,” DNA said, “As these actions provide users with peace of mind, they will regain their market shares prior to COVID-19.”

The length of most holidays, meanwhile, will remain the same, with 61.8% saying they will not change their usual trip length. Some 5.91% said they would actually consider extending it. The rest said they would shorten their trips, citing economic factors.

Hotels continue to be the preferred style of accommodation, followed by tourist apartments.

The survey revealed that most people will want to travel with those closest to them, while in terms of activities, the majority will opt for those carried out in open spaces.

DNA predicted that destinations with outdoor offerings and experiences which feature around nature will recover the quickest.

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