PRIMARK received more than 21,000 applications for the 125 jobs it advertised for its new Costa del Sol store.

The low cost retailer has just opened in the Miramar Centre, Fuengirola, its second store in the region.

The volume of applications is a reflection on the continuing high level of unemployment in the country.

The number of jobless rose once again in October, following a brief respite thanks to seasonal contracts in the tourism sector, the latest figures show.

A total 4,81 million are now out of work, an increase of 87,028 on the previous month according to the Labour Ministry.

Unemployment had dropped from 26,3% to 25,98% over the summer months.

The annual figures offer slightly more reason for cheer, showing a decline of 0,46%, or a 37,340 reduction in the number of jobless Spaniards.

It’s not all doom and gloom, find out here which sector is enjoying a renaissance.


  1. Great news, finally all those students with iffy Degrees, Certificates, MBA’s from top Spanish Universities, English Teachers who cant speak English, business students who couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery, marketing executives who couldn’t sell a bag of potatoes will finally get an opportunity to work in a job they ‘can’ do and not what they think they are ‘qualified’ to do.

  2. A friend’s son applied for one of these Primark jobs, and has also just completed one of those degrees at a Marbella University. I think it was a “degree in life” or something equally strange. Anyway, he didn’t even qualify for the Primark job! Watch out what you study towards in Spain, many of the qualifications are truly worthless. I think he paid over 20K over 3 years to get the qualification. Madness.

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