SPAIN’S jobless figure dropped to 2,880,582 in June, its lowest level since October 2008.

This was 42,409 fewer than in May, according to data published by the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Economy.

The Spanish Social Security system has now set a new record with 20.3 million people working across Spain. According to the Ministry there are 733,757 fewer unemployed people than in June 2021.

La Ciudad De Madrid Motor De Crecimiento Economico 01
Spanish employement office. Image Wikipedia

However, the decline in joblessness in June 2022 was four times lower than in 2021, when it fell by 166,921 – its largest drop ever as pandemic restrictions were lifted.

Second Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, Yolanda Diaz, claimed: “We continue in a downward trend with regards to unemployment and Spain, companies are creating more indefinite contacts than ever, however, there is still a lot to do.”


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