OFFICERS from the local police force of Estepona are refusing to work overtime indefinitely, according to a police union.

The Sindicato Independiente de Policías said the decision was made ‘because of lack of agreement with the council over updating working conditions.’

Sources at Estepona town hall said force is in negotiations with the unions who claim the working guidelines have not been changed in nearly 20 years. 

They also panned a council offer of a new contract, saying the proposals were ‘not more advantageous’ than their current deals. 

Estepona Snip
Despite a leafy aesthetic, Estepona is not without its crime issues.
Photo: Wikipedia.

The decision to stop working overtime comes at the start of summer season, when the police force is most stretched owing to various cultural events across the city. 

The council insists that there is a deal in place which will still see extra security for the city’s feria between 5 and 10 July.

In a statement, the force said: “Local Police officers are willing to work overtime if reinforcements are needed. However, the police union insists that the officers will not work any more hours than are stipulated in their contracts because of the lack of agreement with the town hall and the town hall”.


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