THE GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested one of the most-wanted criminals in Spain.

The man, who has not been named, is only 20 years old yet has racked up a long criminal record with some 300 criminal offences to his name.

He has been particularly renowned for his persistent robberies in the province of Toledo, though had eluded law enforcement for some time.

In a final act of thuggery, he is alleged to have assaulted a police officer in El Carpio de Tajo leaving him unconscious and needing eleven stitches, before fleeing the scene with a minor.

Civil Snip
The man has been accussed of a wide range of crimes, despite being only 20.
Photo: Europa Press

Days later his accomplice was arrested in El Carpio de Tajo and returned to a juvenile centre he had escaped.

The 20-year-old who was then located in a squatting house in Almoradi, Alicante where he was attempting to lay low.

The man, who was described as one of the most-wanted people in Spain, will appear in Toledo court accused of a litany of crimes including the assault of a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and multiple driving offences.


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