MARCH’S jobless figures reached the lowest level for that month in 15 years according to data released by the Ministry of Labour on Tuesday.

The unemployment total stood at 2.8 million last month- down by 49,000 on February and 246,403 lower than in March 2022.

The number of unemployed young people(under 25) stands at 215,099- the lowest in 27 years, and the first time in seven years there has been a March fall in that age range.

Over 200,000 jobs were created last month, leading to a record number of people paying social security contributions- 20.3 million.

It means 12 straight months where over 20 million workers have been employed.

A Ministry of Labour statement said that the top line employment figure is ‘especially positive considering the international economic and financial context of uncertainty’.

March is a traditionally good month for employment, with many companies expanding workforces in the service sector ahead of a busy Easter holiday period.

Despite international economic complications, with the war in Ukraine continuing and inflation still persisting, jobless figures are continuing to fall.

Unemployment reductions have been noted in all regions except in Ceuta and Madrid.

The biggest regional fall was in Andalucia with a 15,284 jobless cut.

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