THE GUARDIA CIVIL has arrested a 30-year-old man in Huelva province after he stabbed his former girlfriend to death after she refused to live with him.

The victim, a 34-year-old Romanian, planned to go to the police in Palos de la Frontera on Tuesday to file a complaint about the man’s harassment.

There were no previous complaints against him from her or other women.

It’s the 12th death resulting from gender violence in Spain this year.

Guardia and Policia Local officers were called around 1.10am from a farm house in Las Arenillas occupied by seasonal strawberry pickers.

Officers arrived to find the victim with a knife stuck in her back after her ex-boyfriend- a Mali national- had waited for her outside.

He pounced as she was about to enter the building and then fled.

Shocked residents identified the assailant to the police who arrested him at his rented Palos property an hour later.

They said that she had been the victim of harassment for some time as he kept asking her to move in with him, but she refused.

They also confirmed that she had had enough of his behaviour and was going to report him to the police.

Palos mayor, Carmelo Romero, told the El Pais newspaper: “People are dismayed and worried because nothing like this has ever happened here.”

“We are going organise something to reject against what is obviously a crime of violence against women, because she was being harassed and he wanted to force her into something just because she was a woman and that is why she was killed,” the mayor added.

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