A NEW official website has been launched with a version in English explaining in detail how people can vote in the upcoming municipal elections on May 28.

The new website includes versions in the five languages present in the country (Castellano, Gallego, Euskera (Basque), Valencian and Catalan) as well as English.

It explains how residents can vote by post if they are out of the country on May 28.

Polling takes place between 9am and 8pm and voters will be entitled to up to four hours off work paid ‘during their working hours in order to exercise their right to vote’.

Voters will also be required to bring photograph ID to the polling station.

The deadline for registering to vote in these elections is already past, meaning those who have not already submitted their Voter Registration Form (Solicitud de Inscripción en el Censo Electoral) to their local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) or from the Electoral Commission (Junta Electoral) have missed the boat.

The elections, held every four years, give residents the democratic chance to voice their will towards their local town hall where they are registered.

The expat vote is considered key in many parts of Spain. 

British voters are back in the thick of things after the two countries’ governments came to a reciprocal arrangement to permit each other’s citizens to vote in local elections last year post-Brexit. 



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