isis-fighterSPANISH police have arrested two more jihadis who were prepared to carry out attacks in Spain.

The men were detained in the north African enclave of Ceuta in connection to four other terrorist suspects who were arrested in January.

Two house are also being searched in connection to the case coordinated by the National Court in Madrid.

Officers previously detained two pairs of brothers, Spaniards of Moroccan origin, on January 24 in connection to a terror cell.

The four were inspired by online messages and identified with the Islamic extremist group ISIS.

“They formed part of a jihadist cell fully prepared and willing to launch an attack in Spain,” a police spokesman said.

“They have acquired a high level of radicalisation and are even prepared to die in committing a terrorist act.”

Police also seized automatic pistols and machetes in the January arrests.


  1. This insidious group IS are spreading throughout North Africa, Egypt 1st, well established in Libya now, Algeria and are now in Tunisia once thought to be the mildest and safest of North African countries. Huge open borders between countries means they can easily move around. IS in Libya have just taken 8 refinery workers hostage so their outlook is bleak.

    Ceuta is a gateway for them to enter Europe via Spain. Security needs stepping up on all borders especially Morocco’s. Arab countries need to form their own task force throughout the regions.

  2. This is worrying, the despotic foreign affairs minister Margallo, rants and raves and behaves like a spoilt school kid who cant have his own way over Gibraltar, damaging thousands of his own peoples livelihoods as he does so. Whilst a serious threat such as fundamentalism is probing Europe’s soft underbelly. Thats where he should be focussing his efforts, on the security of Spanish “Colonies” in Africa.

    But guess what, he wont !! oh well thank god Margallo will soon be consigned to the annals of Spanish history along with all of the other despotic anally retentive cretins who achieved the same, Absolutely Nothing !!!!

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