SICKENING: Huelva’s Penitentiary Centre, where the family who human trafficked their daughter were held

POLICE have freed a pregnant teen who was sold by her parents to a Romanian family in Andalucia.

The 16-year-old’s mum and dad flogged her off for €8,000 in Huelva province so that she could be wed to a young Romanian man.

Four have been arrested over the bizarre exchange, including the victim’s father, mother and her two children.

The mother was imprisoned, while the father, who is also accused of sexual abuse, was held in Romania.

It is alleged that four kidnappers bundled the minor into a car in Romania and took her against her will to Spain where she was married to the man.

She was forced to prostitute herself and the younger brother of the man she married even received a picture of her her with a black eye and a broken arm in a cast.

The girl notified police herself and said that she had asked for money to return home and buy clothes, adding that she had been beaten.

According to the head of the Romanian family the girl also received €150 so she could get an abortion.

Those arrested are accused of human trafficking a human being for forced marriage.

The 16-year-old girl has now been transferred to a centre for minors in Andalucia, where she is being cared for.

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