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Yet another international human trafficking ring bringing people to Spain brought down

HUGE raids carried out across Spain saw a transnational criminal organisation suspected of illegally trafficking Cuban citizens into the country via Serbia dismantled. The enormous...

Criminal gang in Spain charged up to €20,000 for Pakistani nationals to travel from Bosnia

EIGHT people have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for illegally bringing Pakistani nationals into Spain and charging between €12,000 and €20,000 per person...

Spain’s government unveils new plan to fight human trafficking

SPAIN'S Justice Minister, Pilar Llop, has unveiled plans for a bill to fight human trafficking and to help victims of it. A draft bill was...

Cruel family gang intimidated disabled man into begging all day long during Costa Blanca heatwave in Spain

FIVE members of a Romanian family have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for forcing a disabled man to beg for 12 hours a...

Human trafficking gang planned fleet of charter boats for dangerous sea trips to Spain’s Murcia coast

FIVE members of a people trafficking and drug smuggling gang looking to expand in the Murcia region have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. Four...

Human trafficking and sex exploitation gang brought down in Spain’s Murcia region

ONE of the biggest-ever police operations against human trafficking in the Murcia region has produced 22 arrests. 19 women were freed by the Policia Nacional. They...

Fugitive human trafficking boss arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca and will be extradited to France

A fugitive wanted by French authorities for being a key member of a human trafficking gang has been arrested in Alicante. The 36-year-old Paraguayan man...

Police in Valencia area of Spain rescue Nigerian woman forced into prostitution by voodoo rites

TWO people have been arrested in Valencia Province for human trafficking after Nigerian women were tricked by voodoo rites into becoming sex slaves. A victim...

Police rescue woman forced into prostitution who phoned them from Valencia-bound coach in Spain

POLICE boarded a coach that arrived at Valencia bus station from Sevilla to rescue a victim of human trafficking. A Columbian man, 33, has been...

Two arrested for over death of more than 20 migrants attempting to reach Spain’s Canary Islands

TWO men were arrested for their alleged roles in the deaths of more than 20 migrants including a five-year-old girl who perished last month...

VIDEO: Human trafficking gang that forced victims into prostitution is busted during dawn raids in south-east Spain and Romania

A CRIMINAL GANG that profited from human trafficking forced their victims into prostitution on the streets of Girona have been arrested. The suspects belonged to...

WATCH: Police video warning those using prostitutes are supporting modern-day slavery across Spain

A STARK video intended for people that use prostitutes has been released by Spanish National Police. The 90-second clip warns clients that they are indirectly...

Policia Nacional bust human trafficking ring that smuggled sex slaves into Murcia’s Cartagena during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

POLICIA Nacional have rescued five women while dismantling a 15-strong human trafficking gang in the Murcia town of Cartagena The criminals also smuggled drugs into...

WATCH: Andalusian prostitution and human trafficking ring broken up by international task force

COMBINED FORCES smashed a human trafficking ring operating in Andalusia, last week. Europol and Policia Nacional broke up the gang of seven that were sexually...

Three women arrested after using black magic to control victims of human trafficking in Andalucia

The victims were allegedly threatened with black magic in order to subdue and intimidate them

WATCH: Human trafficking gang that imported nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants arrested in Spain’s Alicante

AN INTERNATIONAL gang of human traffickers that brought nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants to Spanish shores has been arrested. Policia Nacional and EUROPOL combined forces to...

Authorities accused of ignoring systematic abuse in Spain’s strawberry industry

‘Samira Ahmad’ has been in hiding and living on handouts with the nine other Moroccan women after they faced human trafficking and sexual assault

Spanish fireman who saved thousands of migrants faces human trafficking charge

Miguel Roldan has been accused of aiding illegal immigration and conspiring with human traffickers

Police free pregnant teen sold by parents for €8,000 to Romanian family in Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE have freed a pregnant teen who was sold by her parents to a Romanian family in Andalucia. The 16-year-old’s mum and dad flogged her...

Five arrested in Spain’s Andalucia as police bust ‘black magic’ prostitution ring that held 22 women captive

Voodoo or black magic was used to intimidate the women if they refused to have sex and their captors would also fine them €50

Sevilla police raid frees five South American sex slaves forced to work 24 hours a day

The leader of a major human trafficking circle has been arrested in Sevilla




Spain sees convictions for homophobic hate crimes spike in 2022

CONVICTIONS in Spain for homophobic hate crimes rose 25% in 2022 compared to the year before. That’s according to a yearly report from the...


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