THREE women have been arrested in Andalucia on human trafficking charges.

The three Spanish women of, 41, 52 and 56 years were arrested on money laundering and human trafficking for sexual and forced labour charges.

The victims were allegedly threatened with black magic in order to subdue and intimidate them.

Those arrested had organised a prostitution ring with the victims from South America, confirmed by police after discovering advertisements displaying prices of various sexual acts.

Surveillance of the properties culminated in the raid of three homes, one in Algeciras and two in Jerez de la Frontera, where seven alleged victims of sexual exploitation were released.

Policia Nacional discovered that the group worked from several ‘dating houses’ in the province of Cadiz which were monitored and controlled by those on site along with security cameras.

The victims were apparently forced to work 12 hour days from Monday to Sunday and subsequently locked in the house through the night.

During the raids, cash, card transaction receipts and accounting books related to sexual exploitation were discovered and seized.

In addition, evidence of the occult along with photographs of the exploited women were found indicating that black magic was being practiced.

The ringleader known only as MMPR has been sent straight to prison without bail.

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