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Grapevine Properties – Our Frequently Asked Questions

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IT’S been another busy month for us at Grapevine Properties in the Guadalhorce Valley.

We have been running around here there and everywhere dealing with clients and their myriad of issues.

So what are the questions we get asked the most on a day-to-day basis when listing properties?
Hint: it’s not ‘what’s the best sangria recipe?’ (you can find that on our blog!).

What’s the market like currently?
In the past six months we have seen prices gently increasing in the area and owners achieving closer to the their asking prices. We are showing more variety of properties than ever before; noticing the rise particularly in the call for urban properties that are a short walk from town.


A townhouse for sale in the pretty white village of Guaro

Has Brexit affected sales?
The only difference we have noticed at first in sales was the fluctuating pound and how it has affected offers on properties. Now the exchange rate has plateaued slightly, we are not experiencing these issues. We also encourage clients to lock in their exchange rate with a FX company to ensure there are no surprises later on!
As far as the actual Brexit is concerned, we don’t foresee any issues for people wanting to move within Europe from Britain. We have many non-EU clients that have moved here with no problem as these countries have extensive trade agreements in place to facilitate these types of processes. We have no doubt that when Brexit actually happens, Britain will have similar trade agreements put in place.


How does the system work? I hear all the agencies in the area work together?
That is correct. In Malaga province, we have what we call a ‘Multi Listing Database’. This means that around 600 real estate agents all upload properties to one place. We all have access to all the properties on the database and can arrange viewings. This means that we may sell your property in collaboration with another agency.
This enables you to rely on one agent that you feel have your best interests who will get to know you and your property inside out. It also in some respects makes viewings far less stressful and complicated for you the seller.


How do you value properties? And how much do you charge for this service?
Our valuations are 100% free and with no strings attached! In order to value a property fairly, we compare your property to other properties on the market with similar characteristics. We think about what these similar properties are priced at, are they achieving viewings and/or what have they sold for? This way we can help you to make your property stand out as much as possible on paper.


What nationality are most of your buyers?
Our client base is mostly international. We get a mixture! We have seen a rise in Dutch, Belgian and Scandinavian clients over the past couple of years and have started marketing to specifically target those countries.

To book a free valuation please call +952 457 761, or drop us a line at [email protected]

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