A MANHUNT is underway in Malaga for the boyfriend of a woman found dead in her apartment this morning. 

The unnamed victim, 46, was stabbed to death in her home in Torrox.

Police are actively seaching for her partner, who is the prime suspect.

It comes after a deadly week for women and children across the country.

Two women and two children were killed in three separate episodes of domestic violence, bringing the total number of deaths this year to 41, according to the equality ministry.

Another man, 48, murdered his two daughters, aged six and two, then committed suicide by jumping out the window of their sixth-floor apartment in Castellon.
The alleged murderer had been separated from his wife for a year and had two previous proceedings against for gender violence.
Meanwhile in Granada, a 49-year-old man stabbed his ex-partner to death on Tuesday.

Nuria Alonso Mesa, 39, began calling for help out the window at around 9am.

But cops arrived to find the victim laying in a pool of blood in the kitchen.

In Bilbao, a man was caged after allegedly slitting his wife’s throat.

The wife had filed for a restraining order but it was denied by the courts.

She left behind two young daughters.

In Torremolinos a man from Romania, 37, was cuffed after repeatedly stabbing and beating a Filipino woman who refused to enter into a relationship with him, despite only knowing her for three days.

The victim was found wandering around the streets in a state of shock.

Her alleged attacker confessed to cops.

“I would rather spend 20 years in jail than have you ignore me,” he allegedly told his victim before attacking her.

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