SANCHEZ: In favour of a second referendum

PEDRO Sanchez has become the most prominent EU leader to call for a second vote on Brexit.

Spain’s prime minister has said Brexit would be painful for both the UK and the EU and warned that ‘no good would come’ from Britain’s departure, just four months away.

“If I was Theresa May, I would call a second referendum – no doubt,” the PM told Politico.

“I believe it’s a great loss for both and I hope it can be reconsidered in the future.”

It comes after some 700,000 of Remainers and Brexiteers alike, marched through the streets of London demanding a People’s Vote – something Sanchez believes cannot be ignored.

Sanchez added that although the UK is a ‘marvellous country’ which has had a ‘positive influence’ on European politics, it is on a path of ‘self-absorption which isn’t going to be good either for the UK or for Europe’.

Although many EU leaders have been openly negative about Brexit and the impact on member states, until now the majority have not commented on a second referendum.

Sanchez also assured that the thousands of British expats living in Spain will maintain the same rights even in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“I appreciate and thank very much prime minister May’s commitment to safeguarding those rights,” he told Politico, “We will do the same with the 300,000 Britons who are in Spain.”

Until now only Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat and Czech Republic leader Andrej Babis have called on the British government for a second vote.

The majority of EU leaders have chosen to keep quiet for fear of interfering in British politics – a highly sensitive topic following the resignation of countless MPs and a recent poll in which 54% of Brits said they would now choose to remain.

“It’s true that we’re now on the verge of signing a transition deal,” said Sanchez, “(But) I’d like to see the British government calling a second referendum. I don’t mean now, but in the future, so that it can come back to the EU. In another way, but back into the EU.”


  1. Before Sanchez dare to tell UK what it should do, perhaps he should get his own house in order first! What is he doing about the wide spread corruption in Spain for a start and perhaps he should persuade the Eurocrats that one size does not fit all and surely he realizes that if Spain was not bound by the euro at Berlin exchange rates and could devalue it to peseta levels, Spain’s economy could recover much easier! We don’t need Europe’s dictatorship!!!!

  2. Look, drop Brexit (it’s dead anyway) and send the worst of the gammons to the Falkland Islands to live (it’s not like the colony there doesn’t owe us a favour). The Falklands is lovely – plenty of opportunity, no foreigners and in the Argentinians, there’s someone to hate lurking just across the channel.

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