WINNING: Sanchez is happy with what he considers to be a good deal for Spain on Gibraltar, although he does not speak about sovereignty – yet

PEDRO Sanchez has celebrated the last minute Brexit deal reached over Gibraltar, calling it a ‘win’ for Spain.

The Spanish Prime Minister was pleased after securing a deal with the European Council and European Commission on Saturday that will see Gibraltar’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU ‘pass through Spain.’

Sanchez had earlier said that Spain would veto the Brexit deal, accusing the UK of ‘treachery’ over Gibraltar.

He said: “With Brexit we all lose, especially the United Kingdom, but when it comes to Gibraltar, Spain wins.”

The leader of Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) spoke after he and the other 26 EU leaders approved the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU at a summit on Sunday.

After getting her deal past the EU leaders, British Prime Minister Theresa May will now issue a strong message to UK MPs, ahead of their vote in parliament on her Brexit plan.

The Prime Minister will warn MPs of ‘division and uncertainty’ if they do not back her deal, as she faces backlash from Brexit and Remain supporters alike over her plan.

May did admit that she faced a battle persuading MPs to back her, but said ‘I will make the case for this deal with all my heart.’

The BBC have said the vote will likely be on December 12, while the Independent have said that senior EU sources have been told the deal will take place on 10 or 11 of December.

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