GIMME A BREAK: Spaniards and Brits take the most holidays

WORKERS in the UK and Spain take the most holidays in the world, a new study has found.

The poll by travel agency Expedia revealed that Spain, followed closely by the UK are the ‘least holiday-deprived’ countries.

The annual survey measures holiday habits in some 11,114 adults in 19 countries.

Most respondents in Spain had taken between 21 and 30 days off in a year, while over half of UK workers had done the same.

But despite coming out as the most satisfied countries in the study, they still complained with 47% of Spaniards and 48% of Brits stating they had not taken enough holidays.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, India was found to be the most holiday-deprived, with the country’s punishing work culture taking its toll on a whopping 75% of people.

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