AT least four people have been killed following heavy rainfall and flooding in Asturias. 

Four men, aged 62, 41, 42 and 70 have been killed by the extreme weather, which has seen large parts of the region submerged under water.

Roads and railway tracks have collapsed following the onslaught of rainfall which began yesterday morning.

The lifeless body of one man, 41, was found in Tineo earlier today after he disappeared at around 2pm on Wednesday.

Another victim, 42, died in the early hours of this morning after he left his car and was washed away down a 500-metre slope in Salas.

Elsewhere, a 62-year-old man died at around 8am Thursday while trying to pick up two of his friends.

As he exited his vehicle, the water proved too strong and carried him away to his death.

A 70-year-old also died this morning when his car was carried 50 metres after a road collapsed in La Colladiella.

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