PEDESTRIAN: An airport worker caught the bird ambling slowly in front of the Easyjet flight in Palma

THIS is the cheeky moment that a flamingo decided to trot across the runway in front of an Easyjet flight.

Holidaymakers were stunned as their plane, which had just touched down in Mallorca on Sunday, was forced to slow down to avoid the bird.

An airport worker caught the hilarious incident on camera, as the plane beeped its horn to warn the animal.

THINK PINK: The flamingo that slowed down an Easyjet flight at Palma Airport on Sunday

As the plane pulled into Palma Airport’s Terminal A, the pilot can be heard saying: “We have a pink flamingo and it’s no joke. An Easyjet plane has had to brake.”

The flamingo can then be seen spreading its wings and taking flight.

Wildlife control experts were notified, but the flamingo is believed to have flown away before they arrived.

It comes after a hippopotamus was caught on camera in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, after it escaped from a circus.

STANDARD FRIDAY: The moment an escaped hippo is caught on camera in Almeria

The beast was filmed running around and eating grass on a roundabout, before circus staff re-captured the animal.

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