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Iberian Lynx population continues to rise in rural Spain and Portugal

THE IBERIAN LYNX population is continuing to rise in the wild of the Iberian Peninsula with 1,668 animals reported in 2022 according to the...

Baby born to world’s largest porcupine species gets special treatment at Spain’s Valencia

BIOPARC Valencia has a new resident- a baby South African porcupine called Asani, meaning rebel in the Swahili language. South African porcupines- Hystrix africaeaustralis- are...

Endangered Iberian lynx to return to Spain’s Murcia region

TWO pairs of endangered Iberian lynxes will start prowling around remote high areas above Lorca on March 3 to start the project of reintroducing...

Power firm Iberdrola fined €68,000 after griffon vulture is electrocuted in Spain’s Valencia

IBERDROLA'S power distribution division has been fined €68,667 after a griffon vulture was electrocuted on a Valencia Province power line. The penalty was imposed by...

Online seller of endangered toads is punished in Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante man has been fined €1,080 for selling natterjack toads on the internet. He's also been banned from breeding or trading wild animals for...

Ibiza’s volunteer snake catcher puts out call for help after vehicle gives up the ghost

DEAN Gallagher is something of a guardian angel on the Balearic Island of Ibiza. Not content with lending a hand to tourists who have...

Illegal Mediterranean tortoise breeding farm closed down on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN illegal Mediterranean tortoise hatchery at an Elche finca has been shut down by the Guardia Civil. 27 animals have been removed by the Guardia's...

We’re going on a bear hunt! The ultimate wildlife adventure in the green hills of Asturias, northern Spain

Equipped with binoculars and brimming with high expectations, an intrepid family group head high into the mountains in search of one of Spain’s most elusive tourist attractions, writes Fiona Govan.

Who is that crawling up my wall? What you should know about geckos in Spain

Anyone who has a country property probably knows well the sticky footed lizards known as geckos.

Portugal’s ‘last remaining’ circus tigers rescued by wildlife sanctuary in Spain’s Alicante

ONE overweight lion and two suffering tigers have arrived in Alicante after escaping a life in a Portuguese travelling circus. They are some of Portugal’s...

Iberian lynx set to be released in new territory in Spain’s Murcia 

THE Iberian Lynx could soon be on the prowl in Murcia. An agreement has been reached between the Murcia regional government and the Junta de...

The Sierra Bermeja fire will ‘seriously’ increase possibility of flooding in Spain’s Estepona, expert warns

THE Sierra Bermeja fire, which raged through almost 10,000 hectares of land and claimed the life of an Infoca firefighter, will ‘seriously’ increase the...

EXPLAINER: These are the protected species whose habitat was destroyed in the Sierra Bermeja wildfire above Spain’s Costa del...

ENVIRONMENTALISTS are counting the cost of the damage from a wildfire that raged for six days and destroyed more than 10,000 hectares of woodland...

Spain’s Sierra Bermeja fire leaves dozens of animals burnt or with serious injuries

THE devastating flames from the Sierra Bermeja wildfire have destroyed almost 10,000 hectares of food, water and shelter the wildlife in the area need...

Spain’s Andalucia clamps down on use of poisoned baits for hunting purposes

THE JUNTA has reduced the use of poisoned bait against wildlife by almost 70%. Poisoned baits have been used as a method of pest control...

WATCH: Spanish national park has first visit from a brown bear in 150 years

A SPANISH national park has had its first reported visit by a brown bear for 150 years.  Cameras shooting a documentary recorded footage of the...

NEW 25,000 square metre park on Costa del Sol includes slides, wildlife area and sports facilities

The park includes three different connected platforms that follow the lie of the land

WATCH: Flamingo invades airport runway in Spain just days after escaped circus hippo caught running amok on roundabout

Wildlife control experts were notified, but the flamingo is believed to have flown away before they arrived

MONKEYING AROUND: All you need to know about Gibraltar’s mischievous macaques

The macaques have been residents since the 12th century as they are depicted in paintings of the period

CUTE ALERT: First look at newborn endangered Iberian Lynx cubs in Andalucia

The cute cubs, which are the world’s most endangered feline species, have passed their first health check-up at Jerez Zoo

Andalucia houses largest settlement of flamingos – around 22,000

An estimated 22,000 flamingos have arrived at Andalucia's Fuente de Piedra

Thousands of euros donated to conserve critically endangered apes in Spain

The money donated to the bioparc will go towards the conservation of Bornean orangutans and white-bearded gibbons.

Foraging for fungi

Belinda Beckett, aka The Mistress of Sizzle, returns to her hunter-gatherer roots

Government under pressure to abandon Canary Island oil-drilling

The WWF is campaigning for a whale sanctuary instead

Rising use of poison is wiping out Ronda wildlife

Environmental groups call for increased action and tougher sentences





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