FINE JOB: At least half the fines could be refunded

AN Andalucian policeman has come under fire after dishing out a staggering 269 fines in ONE morning.

The prolific officer racked up the haul – with a pace of almost one every two minutes – during the morning of a bike rally in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz.

But now at least 180 of the fines, which took his colleagues days to process, could be refunded after an intervention from the mayor.

Most of the fines took place on Avenida de la Bajamar, a stretch of the city parallel to the Guadalete River which changes signaling during the biker rally.

A sign placed at the intersection leading to that street prohibited traffic for most vehicles, but other adjoining roads had no signs or warnings.

SPREE: Vehicles were ticketed in El Puerto de Santa Maria

It means at least half of the fines will be refunded due to the lack of adequate signage.

The spree occured on May 5 last year during the Grand Prix of the Motociclismo de Jerez, which brings thousands of bikers through El Puerto.

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